BECOR BARBANZA SLU is a company present in the dairy sector since 2005. 

The company specializes in the manufacture of coatings for cheeses, and our R + D + i has allowed us to manufacture the first coatings that, according to the legislation, are edible, since this type of product does not contain polyvinyl acetate. 

Our product range includes not only natural coatings, but also color coatings and other dairy related products such as calcium chloride or rennet. We currently have 80% of the Galician market, in addition to a large number of national and international cheese factories.



The Becor Barbanza cheese coverings are the result of the R + D + i carried out in recent years by the company in a wide group of research projects that have been funded by the European Union and the sectoral programs of the Xunta de Galicia.

This new technology has made it possible to produce a group of cheese coatings for the protection of the surface against the growth of fungi. The basis of this technology is in the mixtures and the molecular crosslinking of natural biopolymers that dissolve in water. These biopolymers are the same ones that are widely used in food.




Becor Barbanza has been characterized since its inception by the development of melting salts. The high production of phosphates has determined the search for products based on a mixture for the development of salts. Our salts are characterized by their great emulsifying and dispersing capacity.


Becor Barbanza’s polymeric phosphates have made it possible to make good and long-lasting cheeses. During the last years we have evolved in the achievement of optimal salts, responding to the demands of the processed cheese industry. QUEFOS salts have the appropriate characteristics that make them ideal for melting cheeses of any type, consistency and state of maturity.






The range of pigments for the rind of Becor Barbanza cheese, in addition to giving color, produces a thick and shiny layer on the surface of the cheese that prevents the growth of fungi. Composed of an aqueous dispersion of polyvinyl acetate, they are especially indicated for the external coating of the rind of whole cured uncured cheeses. The main colors are olive green, brown, chestnut, black, paprika, although we can make any color according to the needs of each client.








The rennet extracts from Becor Barbanza allow to obtain the best cheeses on the market, used by the most prestigious brands given the texture, flavor, firmness and quality with which they are made, they are the guarantee that the final product is excellent.