Becor Barbanza cheese coatings are the result of the R&D made over the last years by the company within a large group of investigation projects, nanced by the European Union and some sectorial programmes of the Galician Regional Government (Xunta de Galicia).

This new technology has allowed us to produce a group of cheese coatings for the protection of its surface as opposed to the growth of fungi. This technology is based on mixtures and molecular intercrossing of natural biopolymers that dissolve in water.

These biopolymers are the same as those widely used in the food industry. Biopolymers, mixed with other natural products, create a lm on cheese that regulates exudation and prevents the growth of fungi. This technology is the basis for Riocobert and Natricobert coating.

These are the only cheese coating in the world that can be eaten. Biopolymers also behave as a carrier and controlled liberation of the natamicine antifungus to prevent the growth of the fungi. For the need of cheese coating under more drastic environmental conditions, Riocobert and Riocobert Plus have been developed.

The use of spectrophotometric measurement technologies, chromatography of HPLC, chromatography of GC-Mass, IPC-Mass, ultra ltration, microbiology and microencapsulation, have allowed the development of these next generation products.