RIOCOBERT is a mixture of fungus growth inhibitors, pimaricine and natural biopolymers dissolved in water. It protects the cheese surface from fungus growth. 7 ml of RIOCOBERT are required to cover a 1 kg cheese.


1.  Comparing with other coverings that contain organic solvents like polyvinyl acetate, plastics, etc. RIOCOBERT is dissolved in water and is not toxic when it is used.

2. It produces a transparent layer on the cheese surface and a normal exudation.

3. It gives the cheese its own natural colour and a feeling of freshness.

4. The cheese surface can be washed with water to remove the coating, and then, the cheese can be eaten with the rind. This is not possible with coatings that contain dissolved plastics.

5. Containers, flooor and machinery can be easily washed with a jet of water.